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Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall

Modular security platform



Next Generation Firewall

  • Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall
  • Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall powered by Stonesoft is a high performance universal solution, which is mainly characterized by modularity. Delivers control and visibility over network traffic and provides protection against advanced techniques of data leakage. This platform is suitable for remote branch companies, as well as for data centers that require maintaining continuous operation while maintaining maximum safety features and performance.
  • Benefits
    Available in the form of software, hardware or virtual appliance
    the possibility of connecting up to 16 devices to an active cluster
    Protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques
    collection and evaluation of logs and other manufacturers
    ISP Load Balancing and Link Balancing
    inspection of encrypted traffic (TLS)
    protection against DoS and DDoS attacks
    advanced QoS features
    Site-to-site and client-to-gateway VPN
    automatic updates via SMC vulnerabilities
    Certification Common Criteria EAL 4+, FIPS 140-2, ICSA Labs
    choice of network modules
  • High performance and scalability

    Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall feature built-in cluster and enables the connection of up to 16 active Appliance with operating speeds of up to 120 Gbps and without the use of third party products. High availability and high performance meets the most demanding assignment. All devices in the cluster are managed through a centralized management and cluster can be connected to devices in the form of hardware, virtual appliance, software, or a combination thereof. Another advantage is the possibility of creating a virtual contexts on the firewall when using the license can be divided firewall on multiple independent logical units for which there are separately create and apply different policies.

  • High variability Solutions

    The solution is offered in three basic variants, such as software, hardware appliance and a virtual appliance. another you can choose between modules, which include next generation firewalls, traditional firewall with VPN functionality and Evasion Prevention System (EPS). Only by purchasing licenses can be added to the functionality of the type of antivirus, Web filtering and antispam protection. Additionally, you can connect up to 16 devices to an active cluster, while individual firewalls offer throughput of up to 120 Gbps and are all managed through a single management (Forcepoint Security Management Center).

  • Advance tool against Evasion Techniques

    Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall analyzes the actual content of the data flow and protects against known and unknown attacks, including techniques. advanced persistent threat (advanced persistent threats), even when applied at several protocol layers. The firewall logs and provides detailed reports on all attacks that try to circumvent conventional security solutions. Recognition of such an attack is based on standardization and inspection data flow across all layers of the OSI / ISO model (full stack).



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