The ThreatGuard service monitors the current IT development threats in the CZ / SK - EU - world environment, evaluates relevant threats by the risk level, and mainly prepares corrective action that is relevant for your IT infrastructure.

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A unique service that tracks the current IT threats, where a team of experts daily summaries and evaluates current threats and vulnerabilities from a dozen proven sources. The team will evaluate the relevance of the identified threat to the environment in the Czech Republic / Slovakia and assign them a degree of risk. Each threat is then comprehensively described and provided with recommendations at the level of changes in configurations or procedures. Tím saves your time and money and speeds up your reaction.

The service is available as a web application and optimized for mobile phones as well.



  • ThreatGuard 3.0 EVAL VERSION – FREEfor more info contact

    If you are interested for eval version (30 day free test/max. 2 users/ max. 3 HelpDesk requests)



  1. ThreatGuard PORTAL – whithin subscription you get access to the portal.
  2. ThreatGuard HELP DESK - extension of previous version PORTAL. If you order ThretGuard HELP DESK, you will recieve also credit pro individual "live" remote consultations (live chat/phone/mail)


  • For a small annual fee you will recieve team of IT Specialists = EXPERTS.
  • You have an overview of critical vulnerabilities and threats for your technologies.
  • Sorted informations from over a dozen independent information sources.
  • You recieve recommendations, how to protect your IT infrastructure.
  • information FILTERING – according to your used technologies
  • Perfect Business model for our PARTNERS
    •    Multitenant – division to sections
    •    Rebranding – edited GUI to your needs
    •    News – you send news for your customers
    •    Private live chat with IT Specialist for partner – only for you
  • Expert team support – solving problems ( within TG 2.0)
  • Live chat = instant response
  • Service is reachable in CZ and ENG version
  • Tech webex in CZ




ThreatGuard = Service = Web portal = Search Security Threats = GDPR ready!

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COMGUARD offers complete support and security technology management, consisting of outsourcing and security solutions, custom-built Security Operation Center (SOC), including implementation support for deploying products to the customer's operational environment.

Security Consulting - Consultations and implementation of ISMS and Continuity Management (BCM) projects are based on the many years of our consultants' experience as well as on our own experience as COMGUARD has established and maintains and ISO / IEC 27001

ThreatGuard 3.0 - coming soon

By measuring the risk, it evaluates the relevant threats, prepares remedial measures, accelerates operational efficiency, and enables asset filtering.