About COMGUARD a.s.

COMGUARD a.s. is B2B company as Value Added Distributor deals with the protection of your data and communication, securing and managing mobile devices, security network, cloud services, ect.

What is our professional focus?

  • Protection of sensitive data and communication (DLP, Encryption, Antivirus and advanced extensions - EDR, Sandbox / NDR)
  • Mobile Security and Management (MDM)
  • Network security (Firewalls, NGFW, Mail and web security, IPS / IDS, social networks, "chat" applications)
  • Cloud services (CASB, OTP)
  • Analysis of events from logs (SOC, SOAR, SIEM, Log management, NTBA)
  • Evaluation of potential risks and threats (ThreatGuard, AI, UEBA, PIM, PAM) etc.

We are your support for everything related to IT security.

What is the difference compared to other manufacturers?

  • We specialize in IT SECURITY as a Value Added Distributor
  • Thanks to our expertise and many years of practical experience, we offer our partners and their customers optimal tailor-made IT security solutions
  • We provide permanent 5x9 business support thanks to a trained and mutually substitutable INSIDE sales team
  • We develop and operate our own security threat assessment service - ThreatGuard (Virtual Security Analyst)
  • We are market professionals with high professional / certified knowledge
  • Teamwork and a friendly atmosphere in our team
  • Education and personal development of our team


  1. We do not give up in crisis situations and we still stand by you!
  2. We will quickly adapt IT security to your needs
  3. We offer a choice between a simple / advanced user interface
  4. We will help you in the absence of in-depth knowledge of IT security and network solutions
  5. We will always provide effective security threat management
  6. We will ensure in principle higher data security

Our specialists at COMGUARD are always a step ahead. They first analyze the status of existing technologies (mobile, social networks, used apps, internet of things, web, BYOD, information systems, assets, threats, and dozens of other data). Afterwards are predicated problems, that could come up with emerging technologies and their expansion. The key experts of the company are in the ISACA interest group (Information System Audit and Control Association) and have certification manager ISMS and auditor ISMS, verification of Czech national secirity department (NBÚ), etc.

Important business partners