COMGUARD is best placed to provide information / ICT security services. As a long-time value-added distributor (VAD) of a wide range of leading world security solutions manufacturers, we have the perfect knowledge of technology. On the other hand, we have a team of experienced consultants who have been in the business of information management (ISMS) and business continuity (BCM).

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IT Security information services


Through gradual evolution, we have created a flexible portfolio of services that is easy to grasp for organizations of various types (commercial entities and public institutions) and sizes (corporations and small businesses) thanks to experience and knowledge of the local environment. Individual services are intertwined, but there is nothing to prevent their own use.


Testing for network vulnerabilities

Safety analysis of network traffic

Independent assessment of network and security infrastructure

Penetration testing - ethical hacking

Penetration testing - social engineering

Independent safety audit according to ISO 27000

Risk Analysis & Impact Analysis (BIA)

Support for ISMS implementation under ISO 27001

Outsourcing of the ISMS / Internal Auditor Manager

Emergency plans and recovery plans - Continuity management

Legal advice in the field of information security


The aim of our services is:

  • Safe operation of the organization
  • Process optimization and cost of information security
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

ThreatGuard 3.0 - coming soon

By measuring the risk, it evaluates the relevant threats, prepares remedial measures, accelerates operational efficiency, and enables asset filtering.