Processing of personal data information

COMGUARD a.s. as a B2B distribution company, strives to maximize the satisfaction of customers and partners with whom ICT security services are provided.
Our goal is to provide our services with the best possible customer service and quality. We already use your personal data today, which we process in accordance with valid legislation and we pay special attention to it.
The protection of privacy in the processing of personal data and general data protection is an important issue for us in our business. Proof of increased interest is the integrated quality management and information security system, which is regularly audited and certified according to ISO 9001 and 27001. Personal data are fully compliant with the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

What personal data do we process?

GDPR – we always process only the personal information you provide us. We process personal information that usually includes only the name, surname, title and email address, company and job. If you provide us, personal information may also include other information such as information about ICT preferences, date of birth, address, telephone contact, and device identification.

For what purposes do we process personal data?

You provide assent to the processing of personal data based on your chosen preferences or your contract terms and conditions. It is your interest on our part to provide information about ICT innovations, provide product information, business offers, current pricelists, licensing, support for licenses, HW, SW, customer records for statistics and to identify relevant needs of the subject data, most often sending invitations to conferences, workshops, seminars, webcasts and webinars.

How long and how do we process personal data?

We process your personal data manually as well, only for the duration of the validity of the granted consent or for the duration of the contractual relationship or license for which support may be required if you or your personal data employer communicated to you for the purpose of delivering goods, licenses, HW, SW. In such cases, the length and scope of processing may be governed by an individual contract. Considering our options for processing your consent to the processing of personal data, your consent is always granted by the end of the last day of the calendar year, when the expired term expires, unless the legitimate interest requires otherwise.

Who can access personal information?

Personal data may only be made available to employees of the company as personal data managers, if this is necessary to fulfil their duties, as well as to potential data processors with whom the company has entered into a contract for the processing of personal data. At present, it is only a record minimum range and the time required for service support of internal systems. In accordance with Article 28 (4) of the GDPR, all data processors are obliged to have at least the same level of personal data protection as our company. An up-to-date listing of the processors of personal data will be provided at your request at any time.

In case of support for delivered goods, SW, licenses, service activities, or the own supply of goods, SW and licenses, personal data are also required to be made available to the vendors and third parties, with whom has vendor a contractual relationship that also covers GDPR requirements. Personal data on registrations or attendance lists of specific events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc. may also be provided to the co-organizers or representatives of the producers, that participated in the event. In addition, when providing personal data in product information requests and test versions, data may be provided to the vendor to the extent indicated.

What are your rights?

As a data subject, you have all the rights set out in the data protection legislation, in particular the rights guaranteed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, the General Regulation on the protection of personal data. Rights include, for example, access to processed personal data, and the right to repair, delete or restrict processing.

How can you contact us with queries or requests?

Requests can be accepted only if the person is clearly identified. Please send us your requests to the following contacts:
•    Address: COMGUARD a.s., Sochorova 38, 616 00 Brno
•    E-mail: