Rapid7 Nexpose

Build a Rock Solid Foundation

Point solutions are a thing of the past. Rapid7's dedicated integrations team ensures that InsightVM is a foundational source of intelligence for the rest of your security program, helping all your products, like InsightIDR, work better together to collectively improve ROI.

Rapid7's research at your fingertips

InsightVM directly integrates with Project Sonar to identify rogue external assets in your organization. Threat feeds tap into Project Heisenberg's network of honeypots, as well as our Managed Detection and Response team's active threat hunting, to give you an attacker's view of your risk.

Dynamic views into risk for any stakeholder

InsightVM's Liveboards allow you to create custom views for anyone in your organization, applying analytics to everything from vulnerability trending to the most efficient remediation team in each of your offices.

Efficient, streamlined remediation

InsightVM analyzes your asset and vulnerability data to identify the singular actions you can take to have the biggest impacts on your risk. In other words, no more thousand-page lists of individual patches to apply.

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