Rozhovor s Lucou Bradim, Trellix

Rozhovor o plánech a vizích společnosti Trellix.

Přidáno: 21.09.2022, 14:59


V rámci naší konference Communication Security Praha 2022 jsme si našli čas na rozhovor s Lucou Bradim, Emea Channel Sales Directorem o plánech a vizi společnosti Trellix.



  • What can McAfee and FireEye customers expect after fusing these brands into Trellix technology?

Trellix is an international company that redefines the future of cyber security.  The company was born from the merger of FireEye and McAfee Enterprise, a new reality that brings together the technology and experience of two industry leaders to provide a new standard in security and cyber security operations.  A new beginning requires a new name. When we embarked on this new phase of growth, we wanted a new name that would capture our desire to innovate and reflect our desire to help customers grow. Trellix is a unique adaptation of the word "trellis" (trellis in English) a structure designed to support the growth of living things such as plants and trees.   We would like to be that pylon when it comes to security for businesses around the world, providing them with the support they need to be safe while pursuing their goals.  Our new name reflects our mission: to create resilient and protected organizations thanks to a "living security" - security technologies that evolve and adapt to protect business activities and allow companies and organizations to grow.  The Trellix portfolio is built around extended detection and response (XDR), a holistic ecosystem that consolidates all security products into an interconnected, constantly communicating platform that learns and adapts to new threats.

  • Now we know what customers can expect, but what impact it will have on partners?

Our Partners see two great companies, McAfee and FireEye, coming together and they are understanding the vision of what we are trying to achieve. Trellix is helping its partners innovate, grow and become more resilient with the company’s overall portfolio with complementary solutions, which really excites our partners. The other thing that makes our partners happy is we’re not competing with them. We need our partners more than ever before to drive their services, their value add around our products. So the impact our partners need to expect from us will be a massive improvement of their profitability embracing our XDR strategy.

  • Many customers have an unfortunate experience with acquisitions, when after their realization came to the end of development (EOL) of some products.
    Should Trellix customers be worried about that?

Combination of the 2 companies gives us the ability to leverage the combined strengths of the solution set. We are following 2 parallel streams of development, continued investment in our existing platforms and accelerated development on our XDR solutions. We already have the foundation for our singular console. A significant percentage of the effort going in to the XDR development is that of consolidation and integration. There is limited overlap between the collective products in the portfolio, while they are come complementary. We are not going to EOL products so Trellix customers can keep continue to invest on the solution they have chosen without any fear.

  • What is the main vision of the newly created Trellix brand?

The ever-changing threat landscape and the constant need for security teams to navigate a multitude of products have led to the creation of extended detection and response (XDR) technology. Its goal is to unify the telemetry of business and security technologies, such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), network analysis and visibility (NDR), email security, security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration (SOAR) technology,  automation and response), cloud security, and more in a solution for protection, detection, and respond to threats.

By relating incident data and using intelligence and analytics, we can detect threats, prioritize and respond to attacks.

To reduce security complexity and empower the level of security professionals, Trellix XDR not only provides our customers with the capabilities to detect threats, investigate and respond to incidents with ease, it also offers high-level analytical expertise.  Help customers   learn best practices and insights gained in the global threat landscape, reduce organizational risk by prioritizing prevention,  detection, investigation, and accelerating analyst response, and minimize the impact of a security incident. by reducing the attacker's dwell time, and of course it improves the efficiency of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) by correlating disparate events with each other, attributing priority to investigations.

  • As our readers know, the SASE portfolio under the Skyhigh Security brand has been spun off, will there be further technological cooperation between Skyhigh Security and Trellix?

Skyhigh Security and Trellix will continue to work together closely as sister entities to ensure that any customers or prospects seeking to tightly integrate their respective SSE and XDR capabilities can achieve their objectives.

  • Is Trellix planning a local representation for the region of the Czech and Slovak Republics?

Currently we are supporting the Territories with a team based in Eastern Europe countries, able to be engaged with our local partner community. We are actively working our our new GTM for 2023 but it to early to provide more information.

  • In our region there is a successfully developing MSSP area (Managed Security Service Provider) does Trellix have anything to offer in this area?

Trellix mission is to build the best possible ecosystem of tools and resources to help our partner build a world class and profitable security services. The MSSP business model that partners are looking for relies heavily on automated, repeatable practices to drive costs down. Vendor integration into their own billing systems helps drive efficiency. MSSP’s want to control services branding and present monthly or quarterly bill to customers. This is what Trellix is currently working on to leverage our partner needs powered by our XDR architecture.


Luca Bradi, Emea Channel Sales Director, Trellix


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